Everest variant product

  1. Based on Sierra Wireless Legato Module, ARM Cortex A5/A7 running at 550MHz/1.3GHz with 256MB Flash and 128MB DDR

  2. 3G/4G/NB-IOT cellular Connectivity with Dual SIM

  3. Linux OS with capability of running C, Python applications

  4. One 10/100 Ethernet Port

  5. Micro SD card socket

  6. Isolated RS485

  7. Built-in HART modem for industrial applications

  8. Optional Wi-Fi AP with Encryption

  9. One USB interface port capable of working like Ethernet port

  10. Two Analog Inputs, 2 Digital  Inputs , 1 Relay Output

  11. Available with ReAP configurable application Framework to collect and control the sensors, system data and send it to cloud.

  12. 12V powered

  13. Temperature grade of -20-60deg C

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