Deployed in Energy Monitoring Application



ELBRUS variant product with Less number of IOs

  1. MIPS 24KEc CPU at 580Mhz with 32MB Flash ,128MB DDRRAM, SD card

  2. Linux OS with capability of running C, Python and Lua applications

  3. Two 10/100 Ethernet Ports

  4. External DVR/NVR/IP cameras can be connected for live viewing

  5. Optional isolated RS485

  6. Optional isolated RS232

  7. Wi-Fi AP with Encryption

  8. One USB interface port Internal PCI-express Slot for 3G/4G based WWAN connectivity

  9. Two Analog Inputs, 2 Digital  Inputs , 2 Relay Outputs

  10. Available with ReAP configurable application Framework to collect and control the sensors, system data and send it to Azure Cloud.

  11. 12V powered

  12. Temperature grade of 0-60 deg C

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