Varinat deployed for ATM surveillance application

IoT M2M SG1000


ELBRUS variant product without the option of modularity (Fixed Interfaces , no analog camera support )

  1. MIPS 24KEc CPU at 580Mhz 32MB Flash , 128MB DDR RAM,SD card

  2. 4 Analog Inputs, 22 Digital  Inputs , 4 Digital Outputs, 1 RTD input

  3. 12V powered

  4. Linux OS with capability of running C, Python and Lua applications

  5. 2 X 10/100 Ethernet Ports

  6. External DVR/NVR/IP cameras can be connected for live viewing

  7. Optional isolated RS485

  8. Wi-Fi AP with Encryption and X-Bee Slot (optional)

  9. One USB port capable of supporting external 3G Dongles ( With peak current capability of 2A for short duration)

  10. Internal PCI-express Slot for 2G/3G based WWAN connectivity

  11. Temperature grade of 0-60 deg C