ReAP (RelySys Application) Framework

ReAP frame work is basically a set of C-Applications , Shell scripts and web / diagnostic utilities  which makes the task of developing device side application SW suited to a specific industry vertical much easier and reduces greatly the time required for transitioning from PoC to mass deployment


ReAP Framework

The Key Feature implemented are :-

  1. Dedicated Sensor Applications to collect data from various types of sensors like

    1. SensorWiredAIO for interfacing to Analog input sensors  ( Voltage , 4-20 mA)  - For ex. Fuel sensor, Chlorine Sensor, pH sensor etc.….

    2. SensorWiredDIO for interfacing to Digital Input sensors – For ex. Motion sensors,  Vibration sensor, Relays etc..

    3. EnergyMeterApp for interfacing to RS-485 Energy Meters

    4. HART I/O App for interfacing with sensors supporting HART protocol – For ex. Flow Meter’s etc.

  2. System Applications for managing cloud connectivity, battery , power, system health etc.

  3. Data Collection and Storage Application for collecting periodic and Event ( Alarms) data from all the above application and storing the same in internal temporary Databases.

  4. Data sending application for sending stored data in the Database to the cloud reliably.

  5. Internal Webserver to help in easy configuration of various user configurable parameters in the gateway

  6. Upgrade Application to enable automatic remote SW over the air upgrades

  7. Set of Diagnostics utilities to ease the installation process for the installation engineers