Deployed for water flow monitoring using RS-485 Interface



  1. Based on Sierra Wireless Legato Module, ARM Cortex A5/A7 running at 550MHz/1.3GHz with 256MB Flash and 128MB DDR

  2. 2G/3G/LTE-CAT4/CAT1/CAT-M1/NB-IOT cellular Connectivity

  3. Hybrid SIM Slot to accommodate one SD card along with one SIM

  4. Linux OS with capability of running C, Python applications

  5. 1 X Isolated / Non-Isolated RS485 interface for connecting to devices like Energy Meters, Fuel Sensor, Diesel Generator etc..

  6. 12V / External Battery powered

  7. 2 X Optically Isolated Digital Input

  8. 12 V , 100 mA Output

  9. Optionally has periodic wake up capability to support extremely low power consuming battery powered applications

  10. One USB interface port capable of working like Ethernet port for configuration

  11. Available with ReAP configurable application Framework to collect and control the sensors, system data and send it to cloud.

  12. SDK Available for custom Application

  13. ABS enclosure , Temperature grade of -20 to 60 deg C