Deployed in Smart Locker Application


ELBRUS variant product to support E-Locker

  1. Linux based Smart Locker to automate parcel delivery for e-commerce business

  2. 2G connectivity to control the locks and update OTP password database remotely from Cloud/Backend server

  3. Wi-Fi Connectivity to Configure the application

  4. 10/100 Ethernet to connect to external DVR and the controller works like a router to continuously stream video and pictures

  5. Two USB Webcams to take pictures whenever unlock command is executed

  6. Transistor Based with Precise ON time control for 16 Locks

  7. Expansion interface to extend to another 16 locks

  8. 32 Digital Inputs to monitor Door Status and Optimal Object detection

  9. 16 X 4 LCD and a Keypad for local control of locks based on Password

  10. AC DC Power Supply with Lead acid battery charger

  11. 12V DC input to locker controller

  12. Linux Platform Running custom application